How do business leaders quantify risk?

Companies of all sizes face fierce competition, intense regulatory pressure, and a variety of resource constraints. After the financial turmoil of 2008, businesses are seeking more and better ways to understand and manage risk — but that requires an awareness of all the hidden risk factors that may be embedded within current business practices.

With decades of specialized risk management expertise, Grayline analyzes all types of complex corporate, market, and business risk including market risk, interest rate risk, FX currency risk, regulatory capital, volatility, and more. By offering a variety of customized solutions, Grayline applies risk-mitigating best practices that meet regulatory requirements while enhancing the bottom line.


In today’s ever-changing and uncertain marketplace, businesses face unique risk management challenges. For every strategic objective and tactical decision implemented, a business may be exposing itself to countless factors that can influence financial performance.

Factors may include:

  • Changes in the currency exchange rate
  • The level and shape of the yield curve
  • The volatile and unstable price of commodities
  • Pressures from regulatory compliance

With a deep understanding of these and other business-related risk issues, Grayline can help quantify financial exposure, set priorities, and address risk factors head-on.


Facing competition from both large and small institutions, banks with assets between $3 and $30 billion are forced to navigate from a precarious position. Focus too broadly and services may become diluted, along with financial performance; narrowing the scope potentially restricts the delivery of services that customers demand.

To find the right balance, institutions must be able to intelligently manage:

  • The multi-faceted complexities of risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business analytics     

As risk and regulatory subject matter experts, Grayline delivers both the breadth and depth of knowledge and insight necessary to help financial institutions make informed decisions.